Long Sleeve Compression Top


RRP £40 - 40% off £24

Unisex Size Chart
Chest Size
XS 78.5-86.5cm 31-34"
S 89-94cm 35-37"
  • Nylon / Lycra 220gsm in Black
  • Long Sleeves
  • RedVenom logo on centre of Chest
  • Available in XS, S, see size chart

Sports compression tops ‘massage’ your core muscle groups. The garment moulds around your body to protect your muscles and ligaments, helping you both perform and recover. Rowers, Rugby Players, Cyclists and anybody else taking part in a sport which uses your upper body's muscles, benefits from wearing this top.




Compression clothing are tight fitting garments and care must be taken when putting on. Overstretching of the material can lead to excessive stress on the seams and reduce the life of the garments. Please refer to our sizing guides for correct fit. If in doubt email us at info@redvenom.co.uk