Graduated Compression Socks


RRP £20 - 40% off £12

Unisex Size Chart
 Shoe Size
S 4-5.5
M Out of Stock
L Out of Stock
XL 10-12.5
  • 72% Nylon, 28% Lycra
  • Graduated Compression for increased performance and recovery
  • Calf Protector pad relieves strain on the muscle
  • Achillies tendon protector reduces the risk of scraping and bruising
  • Additional padding protects the ball of the foot from impact
  • Available in S, XL see size chart

Whilst basic compression applies equal pressure to your muscles, graduated compression decreases from the bottom to the top of the garment, increasing blood flow.

Red Venom Compression Socks allow you to push your legs harder, for longer, whilst minimising downtime through increasing recovery rates.



Compression clothing are tight fitting garments and care must be taken when putting on. Overstretching of the material can lead to excessive stress on the seams and reduce the life of the garments. Please refer to our sizing guides for correct fit. If in doubt email us at