Martin Cain - Wensleydale Full Cheese Triathlon 2012



After a week in the sick bay I wasn’t sure how I would fair at this one of the toughest in the country, 1900 metre swim which is the only flat part of the course, 42 mile very hilly bike with 4 1:4 climbs and 12 mile fell run straight up for 6 and back down again.

I held the course record from last year, 4 hours 6 minutes, it would seem a week off recovering from food poisoning didn’t do me any harm.

I held my own in the swim coming out of the water in 2nd place, straight onto the first hill which every year see’s a high percentage push their bikes up. Onto the open roads and I soon took first place but with Rich Hunt on my tail I was riding then TT bike he was on a road bike, where he made ground on the hills I kept a reasonable distance on the descents and flats. With a bike split of 2 hours 12 minutes it was going to be close for the record.

I set off on the run with heavy legs but tried to maintain a decent pace taking on water and CNP gels on the way up I knew I was close for the record again, as I hit the summit I was passed by a runner fortunately he was part of a relay team so as I made my way back down again and saw Rich hunt way behind I knew I had the win.

As I hit a mile to go I had 5 minutes left knowing this was virtually impossible I tried but failed and finished in 4 hours 9 minutes.

Pleases with this I picked up my prize a 3 Kilo block of Wensleydale cheese.

Any one that is partial to a bit of  Wensleydales finest feel free to drop in I have plenty.