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Compression clothing is based on decades of both medical use and medical research. Historically, compression clothing has been used to increase blood flow and circulation, to prevent the formation of blood clots or cases of deep vein thrombosis in inactive patients.

When athletes use specialist compression clothing, the increased blood flow and circulation increase oxygen delivery, maximising muscle performance and recovery rates, reducing the risk of muscle damage.

Why choose Red Venom? We focus on providing excellent compression products which work, nothing else. There are no middle men to add our costs, nor are you paying for a large marketing department, we cut all that out to bring you the highest quality product, at the lowest possible price point.

During exercise our products reduce muscle oscillation which in turn reduces muscle fatigue and increases muscular performance. Post exercise, they reduce swelling and muscle soreness, aiding recovery through increasing the blood flow which in turn increases the rate of lactate removal from the muscles.